5 Important Reason to have Winter Tires

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As the season begins to change, the temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter. Winter is coming and with that, comes cold temperatures, ice, and potentially lots of snow. We live in the snow belt of Midwestern Ontario and need all the help getting from A to B. Ensuring your vehicle has the right tires will help you with this battle. Here are 5 important reason why you should have winter tires on your vehicle.

1. Winter Tires are Built for Snow

The rubber used in Winter Tires are designed for cold temperatures. It stays soft which allows the tires to better conform to the texture of the snow and ice covered roads. The rubber used in all seasons tires hardens, making it less effective on slick roads. Hard tires can be a recipe for disaster. Even on dry roads, winter tires work better in the winter.

2. Winter Tires Have Unique Tread

Winter tires have unique treads that are wider and larger than standard “all season” tires. This deeper tread has two functions. First, it's designed to push water away to the sides, which allows the tires to stay in better contact with the surface of the road. Second the larger tread can grip into the ice and snow and throw it out behind the vehicle as it moves along the slick surface. Winter tires also have biting edges, thousands of little slits in the tread that when on the ice, provide great traction so you don’t slide around.

3. Better Stopping

A decent set of winter tires can easily slash 30 feet or more from your stopping distances on snow, possibly making the difference between avoiding and entering an accident. See the difference between regular all-season tires, and winter tires in the video below.

4. Longer Tire Life

Rotating between winter tires and summer/all-season tires helps preserve tread. You will be sparing your summer/all-season tires from exposure to harsh winter conditions, which can extend the life of your tires.

5. Keeping Our Roads Safe

Winters in Midwestern Ontario are unpredictable and harsh. One minute it’s a lovely cold day, the next it’s a whiteout with 15 centimeters of snow. It’s too much to risk driving on summer or all-season tires. We encourage all drivers to consider purchasing a set of high quality winter tires for their vehicles, for your own safety and the safety of others.

If you’re looking for winter tires, the Tire Experts at Leslie Motors can help you select tires to fit your vehicle, local conditions, and driving habits. You don’t have to shop around, they can find tires at the right price, and will price-match for 30 days. Tire storage is also available. For your personalized quote call out Tire Experts at 1-833-357-3460

Be safe and be smart this winter!