Advantages of Winter Tires


Advantages Of Winter Tires

With winter just around the corner, consumers are starting to have their winter tires installed. There are numerous advantages to having a set of winter tires on vs all-seasons. The stopping distance is one of the largest advantages to having winters on, whether it is hitting a patch of ice on the way up to a busy highway or slamming on the breaks because a neighbourhood kid is chasing his road hockey ball,you will be grateful you made the switch this year. Also the traction and steering capabilities of winter tires out perform all-season tenfold, they could be the difference between spending hours in a freezing ditch and making it home safely.

How They Work:

Winter tires are made of a softer rubber with more aggressive tread pattern that allows them to out perform all season tires in colder whether.The deeper tread pattern allows for more water/snow/slush to be squeegeed off the road making stopping in these conditions easier. The softer rubber allows more surface area of the tire to be on the road while driving, the more surface allows for more friction to build and significantly reduces stopping distance needed for your vehicle. This is why it is unwise to have your winter tires on during the warmer months of the year as they will wear much quicker than in the winter months.

In one test, vehicles accelerated to 50 kph, and both drivers slammed on their ABS brakes at a marked spot. The car equipped with winter tires stopped 66 percent faster (30 ft. shorter) than the vehicle equipped with all-season tires.

In the video attached you’ll see a real life example of this test that we performed at the Harriston Arena. Both the image and the video will reflect the superior performance of the winter tires.

Are They Worth The Cost?

Winter tires may seem like a large purchase that seem unnecessary, but it is easy to see that winter tires could prevent an “at-fault” accident. If your collision deductible is in the $500 to $1,000 range, winter tires could actually pay for themselves in a single season if they keep you out of an accident. Additionally, they will reduce the wear on your other set of tires extending the life of both sets. As for storage cost Leslie Motors offers to store your tires for $20 per season, meaning $40 a year and you wont have to worry about transporting, storing or having them in your way all year. Finally, they can be the difference between ruining your vehicle or even serious injury or death something that money can put no value to.

Final Thoughts

As a Canadian, especially in South-Western Ontario, winter is something that we have to prepare for every year. Driving in winter is one of the biggest issues with the season. Protect yourself, your vehicle, your wallet and your family by installing winter tires this year.

If you are interested in purchasing winter tires this year talk to our parts department at any of our three locations to find the right tires to match your vehicle and price range.

With Ford’s current nation wide incentive, the purchase of many 2019 models we include a set of Winter Tires, Rims & Sensors with your purchase.