Setting a Charging Schedule


How do I set up or change my Ford Electric Vehicle charging schedule?

You can set up scheduled charging using SYNC®* 4 or the FordPass® App. Scheduled charging is recommended because it maximizes your battery range by using energy from the charger (rather than your battery) to achieve your in-cabin comfort settings before you hit the road.

It also enables you to take advantage of potentially lower-cost electricity rates if you are using a Time of Use (TOU) utility plan and set an upper limit for charging your battery.

Control Charging Schedule on the SYNC 4 Display

To view or edit your charge settings:

  1. Press Applications on your vehicle's SYNC screen.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Press Charge to view, edit, or set your charging preferences.

Control Charging Schedule in the FordPass App

To view or edit your charge settings:

  1. Press the Vehicle icon on the lower left side of the FordPass App.
  2. Press Manage EV.
  3. Press Manage Charging.
  4. Press Charge Settings.

Control Electric Vehicle Charging Features Remotely
The FordPass App allows you to remotely control vehicle charging features, including:

  • Monitor and manage your vehicle's charging, including charge schedules and preferences.
  • Locate a charge station and activate it on the Blue Oval™ Charging Network.
  • Plan a trip and charging options along your route with the FordPass App Power My Trip feature.
  • Check charging station plug availability, activate a charge station, and pay for a charge session.
  • Initiate a charge session automatically at Plug & Charge-capable charge stations.
  • Control your Ford Connected Charge Station remotely.