The New Ford Bronco: A Legend has Returned and here are 5 Cool Features

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The all-new Bronco is back to blaze its own path far off-road into the wilderness. Get ready for rugged adventure because Bronco is coming to help you experience all the excitement the wild has to offer, including these 5 cool features.

1. It All Comes Off

Bronco makes the open-air experience quick, easy and fun. The two-door and the four-door Broncos come with removable doors and roof. On the four-door Bronco models you can store all the doors in the protective bags and stow them on board in the cargo area.The doors can be easily removed by a single person.

2. The Mirrors Stay Put!

The mirrors are directly mounted on the body, so they’re still available when the doors are off. Ford has mounted the wing mirrors on the cowl. This way you still get a view of all the action behind even with the doors off.

3. The Goat Dial

Carrying over from the first generation of the Bronco is the term G.O.A.T. GOAT is a reference to its 1960’s tagline: Go Over Any Terrain. This will be found in the modes that allow the Bronco to traverse just about any terrain.There are seven G.O.A.T driving modes available. The seven features are Normal, Eco, Sport, Slippery, Sand, Baja, Mud/Ruts and Rock Crawl. The last three are specially dedicated for off-roading.

4. Adventure is a dirty business

That’s why there’s an option to have rubberized washable floors with integrated drains and marine-grade vinyl seating, making clean up easy. Ford is offering this feature on two of the six trims, Black Diamond and Badlands.

5. Upped Tailgating Game

A slide-out tailgate you can sit on along or use to go through your items or even tailgating itself! If you forget a bottle opener, don’t worry Ford has your back with a built-in bottle opener on the Bronco Sport model.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered. With its unquestioned toughness and durability, the all-new Bronco was built to carry outdoor enthusiasts to wherever the wilderness calls. To reserve your new bronco today visit