Ford Employee Pricing is Back!


What exactly does Ford Employee Pricing Mean

Ford Employee Pricing means you pay what Ford of Canada Employees pay! Employee Pricing has been around for 16 years and it’s one of the best ways to purchase a Ford vehicle. It’s when you pay the same price that a Ford of Canada employee pays, because we’re proud of our vehicles and want you to share in that pride as a Ford owner, too.

Now this all sounds great but what does this actually mean to you the customer?

The Employee Pricing incentive is a bit different than other incentives that are offered. Since there essentially are no dealer margins, this means that employee pricing deals provide the lowest price a customer can possibly attain. As a result, no need to use your negotiating skills with this deal as you are already paying the lowest price possible.

During Employee Pricing, customers are offered the A Plan pricing, which is below dealer cost. Plus, you can save even more whey you further reduce that by other available incentives and rebates that are available. You are certain that you will get a rock-bottom price where no haggling is needed to get the best price.

It’s a great time to get behind the wheel of a new Ford, the deals don’t get any better than this! This is a great opportunity to get some great price reductions on new 2020 vehicles. so if you’re interested in a new Ford, don’t miss out. Contact us today at Leslie Motors to find out what your Ford Employee Price is.